Marble Jumper

Marble jumping solitare game for your iPad and iPhone


MarbleJumper is the painstaking recreation of the classic solitaire jumping puzzles you have enjoyed playing throughout your life.

The first known reference to solitaire jumping puzzles was in an 1687 edition of the French literary magazine Mercure galant. Since those humble beginnings they have become a popular recreation for people across the globe and have even made it all the way to the tables of various restaurants around the world.


  • Beautifully realistic marbles and boards for an immersive experience
  • Eight built in board layouts at no cost
  • Customize your game by choosing from many board materials and backgrounds
  • Alternate marble themes with additional backgrounds available for purchase
  • Undo any mistaken move
  • Dynamic outcome probability graph available for all positions of most boards
  • No advertisements to interrupt or litter your experience
  • Customization settings for toggling the display the graph, move hinting and move highlights