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MarbleJump for iPad and iPhone

You may have discovered this game at Cracker Barrel or Friendly's Restaurants now you can play it on your iPhone! MarbleJump is a recreation of a classic wooden puzzle game that is quite possibly as old as the hills themselves and captures everyones imagination first time they play it. There are other pegjump style games on the AppStore but MarbleJump provides the slickest interface and the best gameplay with the most choices in board layouts, materials, marbles and options. If you're listening to classical music you could change the board material to a nice red marble with some classical stone marbles. Or, if you're feeling a bit spacey try the Blue Marble marble set without the board and jump planets over each other.

HexChess for iPad and iPhone

HexChess is a reproduction of the most popular hexagonal chess variant created by Władysław Gliński in 1936. At one point there were more than 500,000 people playing this game and more than 130,000 board sets sold. There are still tournaments held in many parts of the world.

The game is played almost exactly like standard chess, except the movements are slightly different on a hexagonal board. Since there are three different hex colors, one additional bishop is needed for each player and each player also gets one additional pawn.

This version of HexChess has three levels of artificial intelligence to play against and a pass and play mode. It also has a help mode to teach you how to play. The game also saves your play after each move so you can pick up where you left off at any point.

TileMatch for iPhone

TileMatch is a simple but addicting puzzle that is played by positioning tiles so that the same numbers are adjacent to each other. There are four different levels of play from a two by two layout all the way up to a five by five layout. TileMatch saves your game automatically when closed reopens it when you come back. Never play the same game twice, every game is unique.

PyramidSol for iPhone

PyramidSol is a challenging variation of solitaire for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's played by matching up to two cards that add up to 13 where Kings are 13, Queens are 12, Jacks are 11, Aces are 1 and every other card is face value. Kings are free since they are worth 13 by themselves and Queens match with Aces, sixes match with sevens and so on.

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